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The Plan

Our independence enables us to work with countless plan sponsors and provide them with the best available options. However large or small your firm may be, we approach every retirement plan with the same high level of service and personalized attention. Our team of client-centered advisors focuses on delivering timely and prudent guidance to help plan sponsors implement and maintain truly outstanding retirement strategies. Dedicating our expertise to continue your success, we seek to ensure your plan delivers the results you deserve.

Vendor Search

Are you working with the right vendor for your firm’s plan? At Retirement Partner Advisors, we strive to connect the culture and needs of your firm with the right 401(k) service. Every vendor is different, and as veterans of the industry, we can provide a comprehensive perspective on the best options, investments and fees. By taking a rigorous approach to evaluating and analyzing individual vendors, we assess all aspects before presenting the best candidates to you and your firm.  

Fund Analysis

Before offering recommendations to our clients, all strategies are subject to a disciplined review process. Through our time-honored sourcing strategies, we draw on the expertise of our investment management team with whom our advisors have long-term and trusting relationships.

Though we begin with a quantitative analysis of the strategy (assessing risk-adjusted returns and more), our qualitative study focuses specifically on the investment process. By gaining a full understanding of the organization’s culture, structure, staff and assets under management, we can more easily measure the plan’s value against our clients’ goals.


Benchmarking is essential to protecting and advancing your best interests. By taking a holdings and returns-based approach, we benchmark investments and measure the competitiveness of your plan. Though we are proponents of consistency, we will review any long-term strategy changes to ensure they still align with your expectations.