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Our Advantage

At Retirement Partner Advisors, our values form the foundation for your success. We believe that our clients deserve the highest level of care possible, the Fiduciary Standard. This benchmark of integrity drives our team to act solely in your best interests, rather than those of the firm. While ensuring you satisfy your own Fiduciary duties, we dedicate ourselves to helping you identify and achieve your goals.

The following values lay the foundation for our working philosophy:

1)   Objectivity

Because we are a fee-based firm, we dissolve conflicts of interest and eliminate excessive revenue-sharing arrangements. Serving as your independent partner, our only incentive is to generate excellent results and satisfy your goals.

2)   Discipline

By taking emotion out of the conversation, we base our process on rational decisions, rules, and fundamental analysis. This approach mitigates impulsive decision making and prevents emotionally-driven errors.

3)   Master Approach

Our team of advisors are retirement specialists. By conducting exceptional and in-depth research, we gain access to highly skilled managers, best-in-class trading efficiencies, and a sustainable investment process

4)   Diversification

We believe in diversification not only to reduce asset class risk, but to selectively exploit asset class opportunities. We are cost effective where passive management makes sense and willing to engage active management when it reduces portfolio risk.

5)   Quality of Service

As your fiduciary, we tailor investment plans to fit your needs. Through all market cycles, we will effectively communicate your strategy and adjust it as your situation evolves.